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About Me

Hi! I'm Roman Huts, a 24 year old Software Engineer currently based in Canada. I developed a love for continuous learning while at the University of Toronto and I carry it with me everywhere I go. Banding together with friends to solve real world problems that people are experiencing, while leveraging the endless capabilities of software, sounds like a great weekend to me. Some other things that I enjoy in my free time are spontaneous adventures in nature and motorcycle trips with my close friends.

A few extra things I'm working on:

Front Lever:

Progressing through the notoriously difficult full front lever calisthenics exercise.

Ray Traced Rendering:

Building a sample that renders a simple ray traced scene through different rendering methods and APIs. (GitHub)

Learning Spanish:

Dualingo is the way to go!



Software Development Engineer 2, Media Technology Solutions

• Implemented hardware accelerated features (OpenCL / DX11 / Vulkan / C++) for Pre-Analysis and Pre-Processing components of the Advanced Media Framework (AMF) SDK shipped with every AMD GPU driver. GPUOpen/AMF (GitHub)

• Responsible for resolving and responding to external developer issues (C++) as well as preparing releases for the AMF SDK.

• 2021 Spotlight award for role in version control system migration.

• 2021 Recognized for outstanding Co-op Mentorship.

• 2021 Submission to Innovation showcase for Shader Optimization Benchmark Tool.

• Interviewed over 20 candidates and screened 100s of resumes for Co-op positions.

• Mentored and helped assign tasks to multiple Co-op students.

• Speaker at 'Former Co-op' eSpeakers Panel & Q&A for new Co-op orientation week in front of over 170 new students.


Software Developer, Game Engine Integration

• Fixed over 20 bugs for AMF and LiquidVR SDKs such as eGPU support for LVR samples (C++).

• Responsible for training and assigning tasks to short-term and long-term Co-ops.

• Implemented game engine integrations (C++) such as FreeSync2 HDR into Unreal Engine 4.

• Added new features to RoomAcousticQT sample (C++) demonstrating Real Time Queues for the True Audio Next library. GPUOpen/TAN (GitHub)

• Responsible for Jenkins CI/CD automation server (Python / Bash / Groovy).


IT HelpDesk Intern

• Developed tool using PowerShell and XAML to automate Active Directory setup for new hires.

• Improved Windows upgrade project tracking by writing SQL queries to accurately report progress.

• Improved software deployment by creating process flow diagram though team collaboration and end-user input.


Teaching Assistant

• CSC108H5F Introduction to Programming (Professor Andrew Petersen, Professor Vincent Maccio, Instructor Samir Hamdi).

• Invigilated and marked midterm examinations, held reoccurring tutorial sessions for groups of 30 students.


University of Toronto

Sept 2015 - May 2020

Computer Science Specialist, HBSc with Distinction

• (CSC454) The Business of Software

• (CSC491) Capstone Design Project

• (CSC411) Machine Learning and Data Mining

• (CSC321) Intro to Neural Networks and Machine Learning

• (CSC409) Scalable Computing

• (CSC376) Fundamentals of Robot Design

• (CSC207) Software Design

• (CSC373) Algorithm Design and Analysis

• (CSC263) Data Structures and Analysis

• (CSC343) Introduction to Databases

• (CSC369) Operating Systems

• (CSC209) Software Tools and Systems Programming


Non-Confrontational Lead Generation for Live and General Music Use

Lead team development of cross platform mobile app and web dashboard as well as pitched to multiple leaders in the music licensing space.

Impuls offers generation of warmed up and validated leads that are accompanied by evidence of music use and licensing profitability metrics valuable to Performance Rights Organizations.

MVP Tech Demo Video

Phone Provisioning Utility with Masergy User Provisioning API BETA

Developed phone provisioning tool for IMAX, in collaboration with Masergy’s REST based user provisioning API beta program.

Currently entering production.

Plant Buddy - Adruino Automatic Plant Maintenance with Web Integration

Measures the moisture, temperature, sunlight, and humidity levels in the soil of a small indoor potted plant and releases a valve to water it based on the observed moisture level.

Connects to a database and compare its moisture level to the desired moisture level, and make a decision about whether to water the plant or not.

Ability to control water supply on the web and to present the data graphically.

Android Mobile Application

Created Java based game with collision physics and interactive graphics.



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